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Want to try Valluga?

The Valluga

Steep skiing – Not accessible to anyone – Wide variety of possible ski routes – remote valley – St. Anton to Lech skiing

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What is Randonee Skiing?

Alone on the Moutain

What’s so great about randonee skiing is the experience when you get out into the untouched nature and the expectation of an unforgettable descent on the other side in some untracked powder snow.

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Helicopter Skiing – Introduction

Chopper Taking Off

The great thing about helicopter skiing is that you get to fly between the snow covered mountains and is set of, on top of a mountain.

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All-mountain Skiing

Fresh Powder Next to the Piste

What is ‘all mountain’ skiing? It is to use the entire terrain of a ski area, the groomed runs, as well as the offpiste terrain, and your skiing is dynamically adjusted to compensate for the ever changing terrain and snow conditions.

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Where is St. Anton?

St. Anton Ski Area

The cradle of alpine skiing. A legendary region that has enjoyed cult status for as long as skiing has been a winter passion.

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