Helicopter Skiing – Introduction

Chopper Taking Off

Is it possible in Austria?

YES – in Vorarlberg, or to be more precise in Lech and Zürs, as the only state in Austria they are allowing helicopter skiing.

However, there are very strict guidelines issued, there are two places where we can take off from and two mountains where we can land. And you must have a ski guide with you – the latter of course is no matter where you intend to take part in helicopter skiing.

The cool thing about the experience, is:

  • Flying in a helicopter among the mountains
  • Being dropped off on a mountaintop
  • Awesome skiing
  • Ending up at the bottom of a valley
  • Super cool mountain scenery

How good a skier should you be?

Ski Group after a Long Powder Run

Happy faces after a great run down both spring and powder snow on Mehlsacks.

There is a big difference whether it is powder skiing or spring skiing.

Powder skiing, which we ski down from Mehlsack, requires that you have some experience in offpiste; you can say that you should feel fairly comfortable on a 20-30 degrees steep offpiste slope (similar to a black piste).

Spring skiing is often done down from Schneetäli, which doesn’t requires so much technique, but more that you are not afraid of heights, as there is a little exposed traverse, otherwise the skiing is done mostly on a 15-25 degrees steep hill (like a red run), so here even a relatively beginner in offpiste can join in.

Where do we fly to?

We are typically taking off from Zürs and landing on the mountain – Mehlsack, when it is powder skiing we are looking for. If it is spring skiing, then we often choose to land high up in Schneetäli over behind the ski area of Lech.

On both trips we end up far behind in the valley where Zug is situated, there you really get the feeling of being in the middle of the mountains and far away from the masses.

And yet after just about 15 minutes of skating on the cross country ski trail, we are back at the lift in Zug, which takes us back up into the ski area above Lech.

Heli Skiing with Fresh Powder Snow

The skier is taking an awesome line down this small ridge line on the east face of Mehlsack.

Should the desire be to it, there are several cozy mountain restaurants on the road, where a well-deserved lunch can be enjoyed.

So that was a bit of an introduction to helicopter skiing here in the Arlberg region, as with many other topics, there will be more in-depth articles later on.

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Does it sound tempting, then please write to me for further information about the possibilities for you and your ski buddies to go heli skiing.

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