Want to try Valluga?

The Valluga

What is it that makes this mountain so special?

Not many in the ski community has not heard of or know the mountain Valluga in St. Anton am Arlberg, but do not worry if you’ve never heard of it. Read on to find out, what makes this mountain so special.

  • Steep skiing
  • Not accessible for anybody
  • Ample variation of possible ski routes
  • The skiing takes place in a remote valley
  • St. Anton to Zürs/Lech on skis

Valluga lies like a throne over St. Anton, although it is far from the highest mountain in the area, it is the highest point accessible by lift in the area.


Valluga Norht Face

Maybe it's not looking so dramatic from down here, but for many people looking down from the top can be a bit daunting.

In good weather you have a 360 degree view overlooking some of the most famous mountain peaks in the eastern Alps, it is not many places that you in a ski area can come right up on top of a mountain with a lift, while admiring the glorious winter landscape from a sightseeing platform.

While enjoying the scenery, you can also watch skiers throw themselves down over the up to 40 degrees steep north side, or if you’re lucky, you’ll see skiers on the up to 50 degrees steep south face.

Since none of the trips are for piste skiers and you need a certain avalanche knowledge and know which path to ski so that you do not end up far far away, it is required that you are accompanied by a guide, to get up on top, with the very last little gondola.

What then makes this ski tour so special?

Ski Tracks Down from Valluga

One of the main offpiste runs down from Valluga to Zürs, when we get it with fresh snow it's just fantastic.

There are perhaps a little adventure over it, also that people on the sightseeing platform are admiring you on the way down, over the first exposed pitch.

If you are lucky and hits the tour shortly after a fresh snow fall, you will of course be rewarded with plenty of long powder runs.

And also you ski down into a valley which is cut off from the rest of the lift system until you come all the way out in the bottom of the valley where you are welcomed by a 6-person chairlift that takes you up to the ski area of Zürs.

Since it is limited in on a busy day, how many skiers are taking this tour, we can often even sereral days after a snow fall, still find some patches of untracked powder snow.

Most of the time we are skiing on west or north-facing slopes, so the snow most of the season remains nice and fresh here.

When we come into spring, sometimes we also ski on the long and steep south facing slope below Erli Spitze, to get some nice firn conditions (spring snow).

It’s also the only way to get from St. Anton to Zürs and Lech without a ski bus or a taxi, so you can also brag a bit about it, it certainly works at après ski to mention, that you indeed did went over Valluga to Zürs – skiing that is.

Valluga Ski Routes

There are two popular routes down from Valluga (there are a few more, but they are only for the absolute extreme skiers), one is the Valluga north face and the other is the west side. They’re both leading down to the long Paziel valley, from where at the very end there is a lift which takes you back up to Zürs ski area.

Valluga Top Gondala

For many people taking that little sardine gondala up to the top of Valluga is a bit of a challange.

If you are hooked on trying the Valluga, then please don’t hesitate to send me a mail, so that you can make a reservation.

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