Where is St. Anton?

St. Anton Ski Area

Introduction to St. Anton am Arlberg

St Anton – The cradle of alpine skiing. A legendary region that has enjoyed cult status for as long as skiing has been a winter passion.
Once visited – never forgotten.

Why do we come here?

It’s one of our favorite off-piste skiing destinations in the world. Mattun, Schindlerkar, Valluga, Hintere Rendl, Malfontal, Maroi, Stierloch to name a few of the outstanding routes. It’s St Anton where we have enjoyed some of the deepest powder we have ever skied.

Phil Smith
Snoworks Ski Courses

Because the area is situated at an altitude between 1200 meters and 3000 meters above sea level, it is always very snow secure, at least up in the mountains, where most of the skiing takes place.

Where is it?

The Arlberg lies in the western part of Austria, on the border between the provinces of Vorarlberg and Tyrol.
The ski area consists of a collaboration between the following villages:

See the map below for an overview of the the Arlberg region. Click on the link below the map to see in a large scale.

Se Arlberg offpiste area on a large map

An overview of the Eastern Alps.

As you can see, it’s a fairly large area that we have available to ski around in, and I’m not just talking about skiing on groomed runs, but also about off piste skiing.

It is not uncommon when guiding skiers around, that we ski from one end of the Arlberg to the other, within one single day of skiing, depending on how good the snow is!

A Little History

The Arlberg history goes several hundred years back, have a look here for more information.

More recently, the region is best known as the birthplace of modern ski instruction, as the legendary Hannes Schneider from Stuben, began teaching skiing back in the early 20th century.

Snow Quantities

What else makes The Arlberg so special is the high amount of snow fall.

The valleys Klostertal and Stanzertal on either side of the Arlberg pass are lying due west and east.

And as the dominant weather systems affecting the Alps in the winter, typically comes from west to northwest, the clouds then first hits the mountains in the Alps, here in the Arlberg area and dumps most of their content as snow.

As a matter of fact, it is the Albona ski area, located above the village of Stuben that is one of the areas in the entire Alpine region that gets the most accumulated snow fall, measured during the winter months.

9-13 meters is not unusual, and with a snow base between 3-5 meters around Easter, it still has plenty of snow late into May.

The Ski Area and The Offpiste Opportunities

BUT it is quite unique – especially in St. Anton, that an exceptional large numbers of offpiste ski routes, all of which are starting from either a lift or a ski run, and they all end up either down on a piste or on a road, that leads back to the ski area.

So, especially when the weather is bad – read “snowing” there are unlike many other ski areas, plenty of off-piste possibilities to explore.

Future Articles

I will in future articles describe many of these super fun offpiste routes, more in detail – so make sure to follow me here at Facebook or Twitter then you can stay up-to-date with ski stuff, the Arlberg and St. Anton.

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