Arlberg Off-Piste Conditons December 2013

Skiing Maroi Kopf to Langen

How are the off-piste conditions?

Are you are planning on coming to the Arlberg over Christmas and New Year?

Well you might be wondering how the off-piste conditions are holding up, as you probably has been following the weather forecast, looked at the webcams, and all you got out of it, is a typical powder skiers depressed state, when there are no fresh snow in the weather forecast.

Traverse in Stuben

The wind has left no snow in the small col, so some people took of their skis for the last 20 meters.

Don’t be fooled, the off-piste is actually not that bad, when that is said, you should not plan to bring you brand new off-piste skis, as you will more than likely, hit a few rocks here and there. So bring your old “rock” skis, and make sure to wear a helmet and a back protector, when you’re out in the backcountry.

This weekend we had 70 Dutch freeriders from WePowder attending a season kick-off hosted by Epique here in St. Anton – and they had a really good 3 days of shredding some, maybe not fresh, but at least it was powdery snow in more or less untracked terrain.

We were able to ski down into Maroi valley, ski some of the classic runs in Zürs and hike up to Maroi Kopf over in Stuben to ski back down to Langen. All with a bit of untracked snow here and there.

In general the snow is varying a lot, small pockets of powder in between hard wind pressed snow or sun crusted snow. So choosing the line with care and always looking ahead is a good idea.

See the photo gallery on the Facebook page here.

Avalanche Situation

Hiking up to Maroi Kopf

On the last part of the classic hike up to Maroi Kopf high over Stuben am Arlberg, the hike was a bit more challenging than when there is plenty of snow.

Even though the avalanche level is a 1, you can still experience some old wind slabs from the last snowfall that has not yet released and as they are lying on top of a in many places hard surface. In very steep and north facing terrain, they can still slide, when enough weight/stress is added.

So particular be aware, when you ski from less to more snow around gullies and terrain edges, be aware of the old slaps and ski with a good distance.

Long Term Weather Forecast

The weather for the next couple of days are still partly sunshine, with a bit of snow from Thursday to Friday. More unstable weather is forecasted for the days up to and around the Christmas days.

Top of Maroi Kopf

The WePowder freeride group on top of Maroi, before we was going into new adventures about finding a skiable route down to Langen am Arlberg.

Keep your self informed by following the long term weather forecast here on yr.no

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