Avalanche Accident Zürs

Big Avalanche in Hintere Rendl

First Avalanche Casualty of the Season

Unfortunately we saw the first avalanche accident of the season in Austria here in the Arlberg today, more precise in Zürs, on the off-piste ski route called “Fauler Stock” it’s heading from Madloch down to the Stierloch Creek. (more…)

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Arlberg Off-Piste Conditons December 2013

Skiing Maroi Kopf to Langen

How are the off-piste conditions?

Are you are planning on coming to the Arlberg over Christmas and New Year?

Well you might be wondering how the off-piste conditions are holding up, as you probably has been following the weather forecast, looked at the webcams, and all you got out of it, is a typical powder skiers depressed state, when there are no fresh snow in the weather forecast.

Traverse in Stuben

The wind has left no snow in the small col, so some people took of their skis for the last 20 meters.


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Suspended Sentence for Killing Wife in Avalanche

Deadly Avalanche in Obertaurn from march 2010

Killed wife in an Avalanche

Back in March of 2010, a 63 year old Austrian man and his 58 year old wife was on a ski tour, which ended in a tragic avalanche accident.

The man triggered a 80 meter wide and 250 meter long avalanche, which went down and buried his wife. Now over 2 years later on the 13. of June 2012, the Regional Court of Linz, has sentenced the man to 3 month suspended jail for involuntary manslaughter of his wife back in that tragic accident.

The couple went for a skitour in the area of Obertauern (Lungau) in Austria, to the mountain of Sichelwand, where they at 9am in the morning decided to ski a steep north-east facing slope, the wife went first and the man somewhat later.

The husband immediately notified the police and started searching for his wife, but unfortunately the wife had not turned on her avalanche transceiver, it was tucked away in her backpack. So when the rescue team and dogs finally found her at around 11am, the rescue doctor could just declare her dead, most probably from trauma, but she also had her mouth full of snow – not a good sign.

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Weekly review – week 2

Happy but Tired

Snoworks – Week 1

Road closed to St. Anton, snow storm and the clients stock in Bludenz, not a great start of the week, but we somehow managed to start out some clients already Monday, the rest followed with a late start on Tuesday.

Everybody probably had one of their best ski weeks ever, thanks to the excellent snow conditions and the weather later in the week, with sunshine and a fresh dump of snow on Friday.


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The Avalanche Danger Levels – an overview

Avalanche danger levels

Description of the different Avalanche Levels

How much more does it take to release an avalanche at level 2 instead of at level 3?

This is one of more questions I will try to answer over the next couple of blog posts about avalanche danger levels.

So if you are into off-piste skiing, and I guess since you’re reading this far, reading the avalanche bulletin, or at least know what lies behind the avalanche levels, given out that particular day and in that particular region/area - is a must

In this post you can read what the different levels means.

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Want to try Valluga?

The Valluga

What is it that makes this mountain so special?

Not many in the ski community has not heard of or know the mountain Valluga in St. Anton am Arlberg, but do not worry if you’ve never heard of it. Read on to find out, what makes this mountain so special.

  • Steep skiing
  • Not accessible for anybody
  • Ample variation of possible ski routes
  • The skiing takes place in a remote valley
  • St. Anton to Zürs/Lech on skis

Valluga lies like a throne over St. Anton, although it is far from the highest mountain in the area, it is the highest point accessible by lift in the area.


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What is Randonee Skiing?

Alone on the Moutain

Experience the Real Backcountry

Ski randonee or ski touring as it may also be known as, is a way to get out to ski untouched powder snow or spring skiing.

You might also compare it to taking a hike in the mountains in the summer, but instead of walking down we are skiing back down.

What’s so great about randonee skiing is the experience when you get out into the untouched nature and the expectation of an unforgettable descent on the other side in some untracked powder snow.


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