Ski Lessons

New Inspiring Ski Lessons

Do you have the desire to be able to handle the black runs in a more confident way or do you want to try and ski the bumps more elegantly or maybe you want to come out and give the offpiste skiing a go.

Read more about the different subjects over on the blog that we typically are working with.

As you get 100% attention, and we are agreeing about, what you would like to be able to accomplish after a lesson, and what expectations you have, I don’t always find the word ‘teaching’ the correct word – often a lesson is a fusion between teaching and coaching.

Increase your limits

Our philosophy is to increase your limits and abilities within the time available to us, but there must also be a hint of ‘adventure’, so that the lesson does not become too boring. However, it is an ‘adventure’ that fit your skills as a skier, maybe together we can ski that run, you’ve always been dreaming about.

You become involved both physically and mentally and may have to overcome some inner barriers or exceed some limits – we are experiencing an ‘adventure’ together.

You will after a lesson, have some tools with you, which can make you ski holiday more valuable and more memorable

If your curiosity has been has been aroused – then please contact me here.

Whitmore definition of coaching is about:
… To let a person’s potential loose, in order to maximize their performance. It is to help him to learn, rather than to teach him something.
(Whitmore 1997).