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A Day with Torben

Having climbed Mount Everest and skied down all alone, I did not think I would need a guide to explore the off-piste offerings of Sankt Anton.

But skiing with a qualified and experienced guide made all the difference. Torben has been skiing the chutes and avalanche fields of the Arlberg for seventeen years and he is very knowledgeable about snow types and weather patterns.

Many days after a storm, I did not expect any powder left. But Torben showed me all the secret spots and knew exactly where to go at what time.

Simply put, it is his job and he is good at it. After having checked my skills, Torben took me to the steepest and gnarliest terrain that Sankt Anton has to offer. With his safety precautions, I could concentrate only on the pure enjoyment of my turns.

Watching Torben’s mellow style, you would never guess that he comes from the flatlands of Denmark. He speaks fluent German.

Torben also worked as an instructor in Australia and his English is so good that you could easily think he was an Aussie.

Torben will be more than your ski guide. He will be your ski buddy.

I wish I had the luxury to have him on Everest.

Paval Trcala

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