What is Ski Adventure

Our philosophy is that everyone should be able to get out and experience the amazing terrain away from the piste, we start from your current ski level and with a combination of exercises and coaching your ski level will slowly but surely increase.

And this in a way which is significantly faster and more fun than if you had participated in a traditional ski school, where classes are typically very static organized and focusing exclusively on the movements and positions throughout the skiing.

The inexperienced in all-mountain terrain

A perfect ski route for the inexperienced off-piste skier, easy to get to, but still gives you a feeling of being far away from the ski area and a hint of adventure, we are ending up down at the middle of the road to Lech.

With Ski Adventure you will experience that not only are you becoming a safer skier, but your dreams of experiencing the more unspoiled ski terrain in the mountains, might also be coming true.

Are you already a competent off-piste skier – then you will be taken out into a ski terrain, which you may previously never knew existed, and here experience a new ski adventure – with priority on safety and full attention on giving you and your friends an experience of a lifetime.

It is entirely up to you, whether you want to only focus on your personal improvement of your skiing level or just want to go 100% skiing – typically called guiding. Or anything in between – it’s your call.

If a so-called randonee ski trip is more for you or you’ve been dreaming about giving it a go, then we have a variety of trips we can do, depending on the weather and the avalanche conditions, and naturally suited for your level. Here you can read more about randonee ski tours.

Read more under these headings: guiding og teaching.

Not to confuse you, but they are kind of some hybrid articles, try to think of that teaching can take place both on the piste and off-piste, also off-piste skiing can be just guiding but it can also include some teaching portions in off-piste ski technique.

Ski Adventure

Off-piste Skiing in St. Anton am Arlberg Backcountry Area

On a lovely classic ski tour from the Rendl ski area, up over a small pass we then come down in a remote valley and ends up down in Pettneu, where we get picked up by a taxi and taken back to St. Anton.

Under normal circumstances only private instruction / guiding is offered, but with up to 6-8 people in the group, depending on the type of teaching. There may be weeks where the demand for a group is so big, that we can form a ski group.

Read more over on rates about what options you have.

As something special, we offer you a discount, if you would like to book consecutive days.

You will in time also be offered workshops and camps in fields such as: avalanche safety, ski randonee and freeriding.

Ski Adventure is run by Torben Gregersen, whom is one of the more experienced ski instructor and ski mountain guides.

Torben, has spent the last 18 years in St. Anton, whereas the last 11 years as a guide , where he on a daily basis leads his guests around in the terrain and making sure that they get a memorable experience while having a safe and a fun day, no matter if it comes to ski lessons or ski guiding.

Who is Torben

Torben on top of Maroi

A typical situation, on top of a mountain with the skis on the backpack and ready for powder snow on the ski down.

Besides that Torben has worked the past 17 seasons in the ski school in St. Anton, he has also worked 5 winter seasons in Australia, which has given him an extremely solid foundation , as not only your personal ski instructor or guide, but also as a coach and source of inspiration in the winter mountains.

Torben is one of very few in Denmark with the highest Austrian ski instructor training from the ski University in St. Christoph, situated up in the pass above St. Anton. Back in 2001 Torben completed not only the Austrian State approved instructor training, but also with extra training as a State approved ski guide .

The Ski Guide training is the winter portion of the Austrian mountain guide training , it is a 3 week program, where the candidates will be taught everything from avalanche safety to navigating a glacier with a map and a compass. There is some tough criteria in order to slip through the eye of the needle and not many ski instructors make it each year.

From the autumn of 2011, Torben is also a trainer in the Danish Ski School , where he can pour out of his knowledge and experience to the new Danish ski instructors.

Torben has also worked as a dive instructor in Thailand, where he has expanded his knowledge and experience about what it means to take care of his guest , while meeting their expectations.